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We at Learn Turtle aim at bringing everyone with the right knowledge and ability together to spread their learning and experiences all over the world! We believe that every learner out there needs support, and with the right hands and mind, they can conquer all challenges they ever face!

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We publish content on a very wide range of topics, the periphery of which is very vague. You can write about practical experiences with technology, theories of any subject that usually learners struggle with, health advices for professionals, personal accounts of the professional/educational world and much more. All we require is for the content to be interesting and original. We pretty much have a section on everything at LearnTurtle!

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We strive for two fundamental goals - free knowledge, and proper recognition. So by choosing to write for us, you will receive the following benefits -

⭐ Wide exposure for your creative writing skills.

👉🏻 Complete ownership for your content, with the rights to modify them as and when you require.

📝 A dedicated page for your own content, which can be easily presented on/as your technical writing portfolio!

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