Learnturtle Writer Form Guidance
Learnturtle Writer Form Guidance

Learnturtle Writer Form Guidance

Welcome writers,

I will guide you for submission of article on learnturtle via writer.learnturtle.co.

Visit writer.learnturtle.co


1. Fill the title and if your title is slightly long then write a shorter title but if it is already short then you can simply copy paste the title into short title. Above image explain this more clearly.

2. Select a short Category for example Prims algorithm category is Data Structures and Algorithms and HashMap in Java category is Java. We may change the category due to some reason so be cool if you can not decide a proper category.

3. Tags are used for searching your article. Tags contains 6 to 7 words separated by comma(,) and space( ) as shown in the above image. Select 6 to 7 words which define your article.

4. Author* - click on author you will get a dropdown (list) of names, if your name is in the list then select your name or select Other you will get three extra field named by Author Name , Author Image url and Author Bio. You can see the above image for example.

5. Image Url Field in Form - this contain one image link which is related to your article. It will be placed at the top.

6. Author image - Contain url of your image.

How to get url of image -

It may possible that you find image url on google if you take an image from google then click on copy image address on image.

But if you use image which you have on your device then you need to upload the image somewhere and then get the url of image.

I am providing a website link to upload your image without creating any account but just be careful and do not upload any private image. But you can upload your professional image on the website.

Steps to upload image

a) Go to https://imgbb.com/

b) Click on start uploading or uploading button then select an image from your device.


c) Then select “Don't autodelete” and click on upload button.


d) Copy the link given and search the link you will get an image and from there you click on image and click on copy image address.

You can get url of your image or any image used in your article in a similar way but if it is present on google then you can directly copy the address link from google and please try to use images from google you can also use your github linkedIn image url too.

Now the main event!!!!!

Blog content -

We need heading to express our article, if there is code then we want it to be highlighted or shown in different manner we want bold word, we want images for articles and more.....

For all this stuff we provide you this field so that you can check how your article will look in real website.

Starting with an Example Image


1. You can see we have used '# ' to convert some text to heading, one '# ' is h1 and '## ' is h2 similarly h3 ,h4 on so on..

I have used one space after last # and # should be start from leftmost position.

2. For image you can write ! then [image] and then (url of image).

You can see I have written ! [image] (https://i.gzn.jp/img/2019/07/03/ai-dominate-2019-technology-pioneers/00_m.jpg) which result in one image.

But just be careful you should start ! [image] () from leftmost do not include anything before it because then it may not work.

I already explained how to find url of images.

3. Now for including link -


In the above image you can see between square brackets([ and ]), use the word at which you want to attach the link and then with parentheses '( and )' paste the link. Then you can also click on the link to check it is working or not.

4. How to add code - Now stuff related to coders,


Three back ticks to write something as code

5. Use of star system for italic words. The below example shows you the same.


There are more notation which you can explore, you can visit here for knowing them, I explained some more frequent notation.

Please first write at device and continuously save and when you complete your article then use this form. We used backup system but it may not work sometime which result in complete loss of your article so it is advised that you first write at your device and save it and then copy paste from there and do the changes to make your article attractive.

Now At Last.....

Your article is complete, You can download the file by clicking on download mdx button. You have to send this file on email id write@learnturtle.co .

Thanks for reading.....

Raj Kothari
Aug 4, 2020
ME(R/A)N | Machine Learning | Student Mentor |Mobile | Tech Writer | Learner
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